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How to send email using a specific IP for multiple IP server?

Dec 11 '12 at 08:42

We have a server with multiple IPs on NIC ( Single) . We want an email component which could allow us to send emails using any IP we want with the hostnames we specify for each IP with other info . WE have seen something called mailman but we are confused . Please inform in details how can this be achieved with which of your component an also give a price for the same .


The MailMan's ClientIpAddress property can be used to select the IP address to be used on a computer having multiple IP addresses. See the reference documentation ( )

The ClientIpAddress property is the IP address to use for computers with multiple network interfaces or IP addresses. For computers with a single network interface (i.e. most computers), this property should not be set. For multihoming computers, the default IP address is automatically used if this property is not set.

The IP address is a string such as in dotted notation using numbers, not domain names, such as "".

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