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Which VC++ Library to Use? With SP1 or Without SP1?

Apr 08 '16 at 02:28

I am using VS 2008. I wonder which library I should use? With SP1 or without SP1?

Chilkat C/C++ Libraries for VC++ 9.0 ?


Chilkat C/C++ Libraries for VC++ 9.0 SP1 ?


You may use either, but it's best if you use that lib that matches your version of Visual Studio, otherwise you have 2 different VC++ runtime dependencies (SP1 and non-SP1).

In the VC++ menu, select "Help-->About Microsoft Visual Studio".

If you see something like "Version 9.0.30729.1 SP", then use SP1. The "SP" indicates SP1.

If you see something like "Version 9.0.21022.8 RTM" (notice that "SP" is missing), then use the non-SP1.


I was at /Build in San Francisco and I've asked to VC guys about using RTM or SP1 version.

They told me that you have to use NEWER build libs.

so if you have a RTM compiler you can build your code and link both to RTM or SPx (they stop to SP1 since a while), if you have SP1 compiler you have to link SPx libraries.

A new build is retro-compatible and can be linked to RTM, not vice-versa.

Hope this help.