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Email ActiveX Progress Monitoring?

Dec 24 '12 at 10:55

I recently bought your entire ChilKat package and am very pleased with it. I have written my own email manager using your ActiveX and was wondering about one issue:

Is it possible to have a progress bar during uploading and downloading?

When the following code executes I just have to wait, but it would be great if I could show a progress bar so that I can see how the operation (possibly with large attachments) is getting along.

success = mailmansend.SendEmail(email)

Something like "Sub ZipFile_WriteZipPercentDone(ByVal percentDone As Long, abort As Long)" from the Zip ActiveX would be handy.


Here are some links to examples for SMTP and POP3 progress monitoring using the ActiveX in VB6:

Send Email with Progress Monitoring

Read Email with Progress Monitoring

Here is a VB6 listing showing all of the ChilkatMailMan2 events. The event callback functions are easily generated by VB6 via the IDE:

Dim WithEvents mailman As ChilkatMailMan2

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Set mailman = New ChilkatMailMan2

End Sub

Private Sub mailman_AbortCheck(abort As Long)

End Sub

Private Sub mailman_EmailReceived(ByVal subject As String, ByVal fromAddr As String, ByVal fromName As String, ByVal returnPath As String, ByVal dateStr As String, ByVal uidl As String, ByVal sizeInBytes As Long)

End Sub

Private Sub mailman_ProgressInfo(ByVal name As String, ByVal value As String)

End Sub

Private Sub mailman_ReadPercentDone(ByVal percentDone As Long, abort As Long)

End Sub

Private Sub mailman_SendPercentDone(ByVal percentDone As Long, abort As Long)

End Sub

All of the "abort" arguments are output-only, meaning that your app may set the "abort" argument equal to 1 to abort the operation in progress.