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Facing Problem with Trace redirects!

Jan 03 '13 at 10:03

greetings to everyone on this forum.. and of course warm wish for HAPPY NEW YEAR ..

I am working on a project where i need to list all redirected urls..

so, i use this example in my project :

but the problem is it working on some site/url but not on others

for example: it works on this url:*SUBID*

but not on this url:

i have tried 2nd url/link on IE and Firefox browser and both browser shows that url redirect to few different urls..

so, it would be great if you kindly help me out where is the issue!

thanks in advance..

best regards


any help please? i am stuck here :(


Set the SessionLogFilename property to the name of a log file that is to be created by the component. Then re-run with the troublesome URL and examine the session log to see the exact requests and responses. The example you referenced only checks for 302 redirects. Check to see if responses having other status codes are received. It's also possible that a META Refresh could be hidden within the returned HTML itself (where the HTTP response status code is 200) and this causes a browser to "redirect" to the URL indicated by the META Refresh URL.