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Reason for FTP "550 Access is denied."?

Jan 02 '13 at 09:35

Any clues as to why I'm getting a "500 Access is denied" when trying to upload a file to an FTP server?

SetupPassiveDataSocket: Elapsed time: 196 millisec
command: STOR
PutFilename: [test.jpg]
DataConnectionReady: Elapsed time: 0 millisec
StorResponse: 550 Access is denied.


It is a permissions problem on the server-side. The FTP user account does not have permission to either create a new file, or overwrite an existing file, in the current remote directory. The fix is on the server-side: either fix the directory permissions to allow the FTP user access, or fix the permissions of the FTP user so that it's possible, or both. It is impossible for Chilkat to provide specific help with server-side administration issues, especially because the solution depends on the operating system, the brand of FTP server, as well as all the complexities that may be involved regarding how the system might be configured/administered. The solution is really in the hands of the server's system administrator.