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I Can't run a Android example

Jan 05 '13 at 13:19


I tried to run a Android example from a Chilkat web page ( and I recieved a error message:

The method CkCgi_LastErrorHtml(long, CkCgi, long, CkString) is undefined for the type chilkatJNI /SimpleActivity/src/com/chilkatsoft line 51 Java Problem

Whats wrong? How to fix?

Thanks in advance mBarbiero


The solution is to do this: after unzipping, delete the src/com/chilkatsoft/ file.

The problem arises because of importing "*", like this:

import com.chilkatsoft.*;

The CkCgi class was removed from the Android build because it never made sense to have it there in the first place. I have removed the "" file from the "All Classes" Android download.


I resolved this problem download a Chilkat for Androidâ„¢ Java Library (Crypt-Only).