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xmp.GetEmbedded(0) doesn't seem to be working

Jan 08 '13 at 15:54

I'm running this exact test code, and the xmp.GetEmbedded(0) is returning null no matter what. I know that it has data inside it, because the numberOfEmbedded returns 1. Data is inside, but this method doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas/fixes?

Chilkat.Xmp xmp = new Chilkat.Xmp();

xmp.UnlockComponent("anything for 30-day trial");

// Open a JPG containing XMP metadata.


int numberOfEmbedded = xmp.NumEmbedded;

Chilkat.Xml xml = xmp.GetEmbedded(0);


I'm not aware of any issue (meaning I haven't heard of the problem from other customers). If you wish, send the XMP sample file to and I'll have a look..


I tested with your JPG, but found no problem. Please let me know what .NET Framework you're using and I'll send you a new build for testing. Maybe you're using an old version that had a problem?