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FTP2 with a proxy server

Jan 07 '13 at 11:19

I am attempting to use Chilkat FTP2 from within a VB.Net (2008) application to connect to an FTP server that is behind a proxy. The FTP server’s owner provided instructions on how to connect via the DOS FTP client in Windows, and I have been able to successfully connect that way. That connection process is as follows (the stuff I keyed on keyboard is surrounded with **):

ftp> open 220 Proxy first requires authentication User <<none>>: pbnt1005 331 Please specify the password. Password: (I entered password here) 230 User authenticated to proxy. ftp> user “ 10245” PASSWORD 331---GATEWAY CONNECTED TO 331-<220 Enterprise FTP server <version 4598=""> ready.> 331-User name okay, need password. 230-User logged in, proceed. ftp>

With Chilkat FTP2 I tried the DetermineProxyMethod() method as outlined in the Chilkat examples. It always returned -1. I also tried setting the ProxyMethod property to 1 through 8 and then issued a Connect(), but all eight values failed.

Am I correct in concluding that there is no defined FTP2 ProxyMethod that directly correlates to the user “ 10245” PASSWORD string in the DOS FTP connection solution? Is there any alternative method for getting connected to this server with FTP2? Can I somehow send the connection commands manually?