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ChilkatSocket Async Connection Problems [9.4.0/VB6]

Jan 08 '13 at 16:34


I've been experimenting with the CK Socket class (version 9.4.0 in VB6), and I've run into a couple of problems with my own code, and the Chilkat sample code:

  1. It appears that the AsyncAcceptStart method is returning 1 even after a timeout (which is contrary to what the documention states, unless I've mis-understood).
  2. More seriously, after verifying that AsyncAcceptFinished = 1 and AsyncAcceptSuccess = 1, the call to the AsyncAcceptSocket hangs indefinitely until focus is restored to my VB6 application and then the whole IDE crashes.

This can be reliably reproduced (on my system at least) using the sample code available here

Is anyone else experiencing these problems, and is there a known solution?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Accepted Answer

Please check to see if this new build solves the problems: