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NTLM Authentication: challenge response handshake happens for every POST request

Jan 10 '13 at 17:05

I am using chilkat NTLM to access sharepoint server. Keep alive is on. However, every POST triggers a NTLM challenge-response handshake and this increases latency. When accessing the sharepoint via java, this doesn't happen unless there is a time gap of several minutes between requests. How can I get the same behavior with chilkat NTLM library?


The problem is that Chilkat is incorrectly behaving under the assumption that NTLM is authenticating requests, when it's really authenticating a connection. Once the 1st request on a connection is made, it shouldn't be necessary to re-authenticate for subsequent requests on the same connection. This internal behavior needs to be added to Chilkat. I'll look into it right now. Please let me know exactly which build you'll need (programming language, operating system, etc.)