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special characters in file name

Jan 17 '13 at 02:08


So we have a script who go synchronize a directory structure. In those directories there are mostly images. But when there is an image with a special character like noxé.jpg After uploading it with the synchronize, the name become this : noxé.jpg. Is there a way to prevent this ? I'm using the paths in an xml file for displaying the images in a website. But sometimes the code don't find the image because of this.

EDIT: Didn't saw we could change the transfer modes. I go try to set it to ASCII and see if the problem is fixed. => didn't helped :/


Jo Boermans

Accepted Answer

See these Chilkat blog posts:

Understanding a typical 8bit character problem (such as w/ European language accented chars)

Handling Accented Characters in Filenames w/ IIS 7.5 FTP

FTP Unicode Directory Listings


Thank you very much. I had to put it in 'iso-8859-1' so that french characters could be used without any problem.