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UTF8 Output in MHT Is Incorrect (Python CkMht)

Jan 17 '13 at 09:44


I have a UTF-8 HTML page that displays correctly without any problem in the web browser. I run the following:

mht = chilkat.CkMht() mht.put_Utf8(True) success = mht.GetAndSaveMHT("/Path/To/HTML/File.html", "/Path/To/Save/File.mht")

Any thoughts on how to get these to display correctly?

Thank you!


Your question is impossible to answer because you don't actually provide any good information. Good information to provide would be:

1) Try to simplify and reduce the HTML to the smallest and simplest case where the problem is reproduced. Then show the HTML content in your problem report.

2) Examine the contents of the mht.LastErrorText after calling GetAndSaveMHT to find out more details about what happened. Include the LastErrorText in your problem report.

3) Make sure you're using the latest version of Chilkat, just in case something fixed in the past already resolves your problem.