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Complete Chilkat ActiveX Library Redistribution List?

Jan 25 '13 at 11:43

I've found what appears to be a partial list of Chilkat libraries and their chilkat library dependencies required for redistribution here: link text

Is there a complete list anywhere, or do the missing CK libraries (e.g. SSH, Socket, IMAP, etc...) only require redistribution of the individual DLLs (having no other chilkat DLL dependencies)?

Also, is the list of dependencies up-to-date in that the libraries listed have no newer CK dependencies?

Thanks for any help.

Accepted Answer

The Chilkat ActiveX DLL's don't have any other external dependencies, except for the possible dependencies on other Chilkat ActiveX DLL's. For example, if a method call involving the ChilkatCert object is used in any of Http, MailMan, Imap, Ftp2, Socket, etc., then you would also need the ChilkatCert.dll. The same applies to other common objects: PrivateKey, CkStringArray, Xml, etc.

See this Chilkat Blog post for mapping ActiveX objects to DLL's