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ftp to IBM JES queue.

Jan 28 '13 at 09:14

With native Perl ftp the method either accepts put(localfile) or put(localfile,remotefile), and I use the put(localfile) method to drop files wrapped by JCL into a IBM Mainframe JES Reader.

Chilkat only supports the latter, ie there is no remotefile for the JES Reader.

Any Ideas? Thanks.


The Perl FTP API and the Chilkat FTP API ultimately send the same FTP command for uploading a file, which is the "STOR" command which has a single argument, which is the remote filename. The local filename/path is only known by the FTP client. It is responsible for opening the file, and reading/streaming its data to the data connection opened after issuing the STOR command. In other words, the FTP server knows nothing about the local filename/path.

That being said, the solution to this problem is to understand what Perl FTP is using for the remotefile when only the localfile is provided. Maybe it's simply the fact that localfilename=remotefilename when only localfile is specified..