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What do the msi installers do?

Jan 25 '13 at 17:47

I am getting ready to deploy the code that uses your products to customers. Is there documentation that your installers do? I am not sure if I can use your existing MSI files, also, I may want to control the dialogs when installing the controls. So, it would be great to know which installer creates which files (and where), registry entries and registers what. Is that available anywhere? Alternatively, is there a “silent” installer for your products which does not have any dialogs?


The MSI installers don't actually do very much, other than display a README, display the license agreement, and copy the files to your system. The ActiveX installers will also register the ActiveX's. To deploy your app, you don't actually need the Chilkat MSI installers -- they don't do anything that would be required by your app. For .NET, your app would simply need to include the Chilkat .NET assembly (DLL) with your application's install. For ActiveX, your app would need to include the Chilkat ActiveX and register it w/ regsvr32, which most setup/installer software will do for you.