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naming for wchar_t parameters (CkXxxW classes)

Jan 28 '13 at 09:20


I think you use a tool to generate the CkXxxW header files (for example CkFileAccessW.h). I notice that all wchar_t parameters have really unhelpful names like w1 and w2.

As an example for the CkFileAccessW class there is this method

int ReplaceStrings(const wchar_t *w1,const wchar_t *w2,const wchar_t *w3,const wchar_t *w4);
The corresponding CkFileAccess class it has this declaration:
int ReplaceStrings(const char *path, const char *charset, const char *existingString, const char *replacementString);

The wchar_t declarations make it impossible to use the IDE's tooltips to see what parameter is expected. Can you please improve the way those header files are generated?



Yes, I think this should be possible for the next version.