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OAuth 2.0 Supported?

Jan 30 '13 at 07:33

I need to implement an API integration using oAuth 2.0 from Visual FoxPro. Is that supported?


OAuth 1.0 requires the client-side to do cryptographic computations (HMAC's and such) to compute the values to be placed in specific header fields. It was for this reason that OAuth 1.0 related properties were added to the Chilkat HTTP API -- to make it easy for the application developer to simply provide the inputs (such as consumer key, consumer secret, etc.) and then Chilkat computes the OAuth 1.0 required field values and automatically adds the necessary header field.

The OAuth 2.0 specification however, does not require any cryptography by the client-side. To implement OAuth 2.0, it's only a matter of adding the appropriate header fields with the values known in advance by the client, or with values provided by the server. The Chilkat HTTP API already provides methods for adding header fields to an HTTP request, and therefore nothing additional is needed to implement OAuth 2.0 -- except that you'll need to be familiar with the OAuth 2.0 authentication process. There are already sources on the Internet that can provide this information.