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HTTPS server certification validation

Feb 07 '13 at 08:23


i want to verify that the HTTPS server that i connect to has a valid SSL certificate, before any transaction with the server, just like normal browser do.

how can i do that ?



any news regarding this question ?


Use the GetServerSslCert method. See the online reference documentation. For example, in C#:

public Cert GetServerSslCert(string domain, int port);

Establishes an SSL/TLS connection with a web server for the purpose of retrieving the server's SSL certificate (public-key only of course...). Nothing is retrieved from the web server. This method simply makes a connection, gets the certificate information, and closes the connection.

You may then examine the certificate using the various methods and properties of the Chilkat.Cert object.


i aiming for a Boolean property in the http component to check the cert on the same connection, and removing me the "hassle" of make a connection and instance for this purpose alone.

any way, maybe this could be in one of the next releases,