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g++ warnings about explicitly initializing constructors

Feb 08 '13 at 08:07

We are building a multi-platform project and have noticed that when we build on a linux box that the compiler generates a lot of warning messages from your libraries. Most of them are similar to the following:

…CkMultiByteBase.h: In copy constructor ‘CkMultiByteBase::CkMultiByteBase(const ckMultiByteBase&)’: …CkMultiByteBase.h:18: warning: base class ‘class CkObject’ should be explicitly initialized in the copy constructor

I did notice that there is a comment beside this line of code noting that the intent is to disallow assignment or copying of the object.

Is there some command-line flag or pre-processor directive that will get gcc to make this build cleanly or do we just need to ignore pages of warnings?


In the next Chilkat version, the empty implementation for the copy constructor will be moved out of the header to avoid this warning.