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Chilkat FTP DownloadTree -- Recursive?

Feb 08 '13 at 08:16

I am using DownloadTree function for normal FTP (port 21). I am not sure whether it is able to accomplish recursive downloads or is something a amiss?

The remote folder structure is as below

alt text

/home/ /lavanyadeepak /test/ /test1/ /test2/ /test3/ /t1.1/ /t1.1.1/ /t1.1.2/ /t1.1.3/ /t1.1.4/ /t1.1.4.1/

Now when I saw downloadtree and pass /home/lavanyadeepak/, I expect the entire tree to be grabbed, which is what we expect by the word 'DownloadTree' right?


Yes, DownloadTree is recursive. It will download the entire tree from the current REMOTE working directory to the local path passed to DownloadTree.

For example:

1) Connect to FTP server.
2) Change remote directory to "xyz/abc/myTree".
3) Call DownloadTree("c:/temp/myTreeABC") -- downloads the remote tree rooted at xyz/abc/myTree to c:/temp/myTreeABC.