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Chilkat Mail Supports these Requirements?

Feb 11 '13 at 09:02

we are developing a web application in MS .net (C#). We would like to integrate pop3 functionality into our webapplication. It should work as follows: it checks whether mail has arrived on a pop3 server (mail is located on antoher server running FreeBSD9.1). Our webapplication (on Win2008 server) should be able to check email for various mailaccounts on a regular basis (e.g. every 15 minutes).

If mail arrives that contains an attachment, then it should check from whom the mail is coming and to whom the mail was sent. Depening on the unique combination of sender and receiver the attachment should be automatically saved in a specified folder in the windows server.

personA sends mail to receiver X: attachments should be saved in C:\DATA\receiverX\attachments\personA
personB sends mail to receiver X: attachments should be saved in C:\DATA\receiverX\attachments\personB

The folder for each combination of sender <> receiver must be configurable by us.

Does one of your products support these requirements?

Please let us know any advice you might have.


Yes, all of this should be possible to do using Chilkat Mail. Please make sure to review the online reference documentation for a good overview of functionality. There are also many online examples ( that demonstrate many of the features.