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Add attachment to existing email message

Feb 25 '13 at 13:38

I've found the Chilkat mail libaries, and I'm looking for a solution to 1. Download attachment to a local drive (already found) 2. Replace the attachment in the email message with a link to the file on the local drive

For the second part I didn't find a solution yet. Is that possible with the Chilkat libraries?


Almost there. I only need to find a way to add an attachment to an existing email message.

chilkatemail2.AddFileAttachment doesn't seem to support this.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance Stealth


AddFileAttachment adds a file attachment to the email object instance. It does not modify an email on the POP3 or IMAP server. An email object has no communication with a mail server. The MailMan object is used for communicating with POP3 servers, and the Imap object is used for communicating with IMAP servers.

The AddFileAttachment method should work regardless of where the contents of the email object originated (such as one constructed from memory, loaded from a file, or downloaded from an email server). It makes no difference. It's still an email object, and it's possible to add a file attachment to any email object. If AddFileAttachment returns a failed status, check the contents of the LastErrorText property.

Finally, existing emails on POP3 and IMAP servers are immutable -- they cannot be modified. This is not a Chilkat limitation -- it's simply how POP3 and IMAP servers work.


Dear Chilkat

Attachments in IMAP email messages can be extracted and replaced by KOPF attachment remover[1], and works with IMAP folders. However this outlook plugin has limitation, which I would like to avoid by using the Chilkat libraries

You wrote that POP3 and IMAP messages are immutable, Is this completely true? What does 'dropsingleattachment' do?

When the existing email messages are truly immutable is there a workaround?

For example: Is it possible with chilkat libraries to read the existing email en write a new email without sending including the original date sent? (the original email message can be deleted then)

Thanks in advance for your assistance