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How does PGP relate to the encrypt/decrypt routines?

Feb 22 '13 at 12:37

Are these keys the same? RSA, DSA.

Would a PGP export of the private key in XML format, and import to Chilkat routines work?

Thanks in advance.


Since no one else has answered this, I'd like to take a stab at it.

RSA and DSA are not "keys", they are algorithms that are used to produce cipher-text based on the input of plain-text and a supplied key. They are not the same, and the merits of the two as related to one another is discussed in great length on the internet and can be found with a quick google search of "RSA vs DSA". (a quick search indicates that DSA is not intended for encryption, but can be used for that). A good comparison can be found by this poster at the two main differences between RSA and DSA

And as for the second question: using the Crypt2 component as a baseline- there is no method or property that allows the input of XML formatted data. If you are capable of extracting a private key from PGP in XML format you would have to strip the XML formatting and pass the key as a string to the component with the SecretKey property. The following is often cited throughout the chilkat documentation for dealing with how to use a key that you received from a third party Getting Started with AES Decryption

I hope this was helpful.