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C++ Chilkat library future

Feb 28 '13 at 00:50


Couple questions about the chilkat C++ libraries, apologies if this is already discussed -- I didn't find any questions of this nature on the forum.

1) I prefer the static lib version as is delivered now, however what happens in the future if (god forbid) Chilkat is no longer around to produce updated static libs for the latest version of the Visual C++ compiler which I will use? What recourse do I have that allows me to continue to use the (old) chilkat libs with my new compiler (e.g. VC++ 2015 or whatever)?

2) The application I'm writing that uses Chilkat may be ported to WinRT so I can run it on ARM devices and publish it to the Microsoft Store. WinRT will refuse to run code that calls banned APIs, such as CreateThread() or many of the network APIs. Do you have plans for Chilkat on WinRT?

I've purchased a 4-person combo license, but need to understand the what-ifs before I take a deeper dependency on the functionality. For now, I'm simply using the encryption and zip features, but see a lot in Chilkat I like and hope to use more if I can understand the risks.




OK, I see that the WinRT question was already asked and answered via a previous post. Feel free to not repeat your answer on that one.