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How is it Possible that an Old Version of the Chilkat ActiveX is Being Used?

Mar 01 '13 at 17:16

I do not understand. I updated the Chilkat in my VB6 source. (You said I did not have to re-write the code.) And I ran the "register_win32_mail" on the client’s PC. So why is the version still saying 2008?

How can I look run an email and look at my version on my PC?


ActiveX registration, in a nutshell, is just a way of associating a name, such as "Chilkat.MailMan" with the path in the filesystem of the DLL that is to be loaded. If an unexpected version of a Chilkat ActiveX is begin loaded, then it must be that the entry in the Windows registry points to an older version DLL. The way to fix it is to correctly register the desired version DLL on the computer where your application runs.

To register an ActiveX DLL, see this:

For more information, see these Chilkat blog pages: and