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Windows UAC Compliance? (User Account Control)

Mar 07 '13 at 10:59

I need information regarding UAC compliance for this component. (User Acount Control)

Is ‘ChilkatDotNet2.dll’ UAC compliant? Do Chilkat Software have a document etc. stating compliance for the DLL? (Evt Windows 7 Logo etc.)


My understanding is that an application is not UAC compliant if it requires administrative credentials to run correctly. This could be caused by an application writing to a protected directory, such as the Program Files folder.

The Chilkat libraries and components are not end-applications in themselves. They do not inherently do anything that would require administrative privileges. Of course, there are methods provided by the Chilkat API's that provide the ability to write files, such as Email.SaveEml, or Zip.WriteZip. In these cases, it is the application that controls the location of the file to be saved. Therefore, it is the application that controls whether or not it is UAC compliant.