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Returning Nil even if it's successful

Jul 16 '12 at 07:59

After extracting the attachment using ExtractPartsToFiles method, I'm getting a NIL even if the extraction of attachment is successful, here's the LastErrorText.

the code: sa := mime.ExtractPartsToFiles('C:temp')as CHILKATUTILLib_TLB.ICkStringArray;

ChilkatLog: ExtractPartsToFiles: DllDate: Jun 9 2009 UnlockPrefix: WLFCSMSMIME Username: eric Component: ActiveX


The "DllDate" line within the LastErrorText indicates you are using a very old version (from "Jun 9 2009"). Download and use the very latest version, and then re-test.


I downloaded the latest Mime ActiveX and still getting a NIL. Here's the LastErrorText:

ChilkatLog: ExtractPartsToFiles: DllDate: Apr 17 2012 UnlockPrefix: WLFCSMSMIME Username: VIVIENE:eric Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit Language: ActiveX dirPath: [S:/MailMan/GetAndSend/bin/Out/Attachment] contentType: multipart/mixed subPart: contentType: text/plain --subPart subPart: contentType: image/jpeg disposition: attachment filename: test.jpg savingFile: S:MailManGetAndSendbinOutAttachmenttest.jpg --subPart Success. --ExtractPartsToFiles --ChilkatLog

It's surprising there's a "Success" on the log and yet it's returning a NIL status. Any solution on this?


Please try this new build: