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Is the Spider codes still valid? (C++) Getting Started Spidering a Site

Mar 26 '13 at 01:18

Hi, I was trying to do the example in link text using MinGW. I managed to compile it without errors but then when I tried to run it I get a pop-up error from windows -- ChilkatSample.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close... So I was wondering is there any changes that I need to make so that it can run? or any requirement that I need to run it successfully?

Owh, I'm doing this as my research in my final year project. I'm still new to C++ normally I would codes in Java. TQ.


I read the forum and found that people managed to it working, but unfortunately for me I still can't get it to work. If there anyone one that can point me to the right direction it would be much appreciated. Even more help if someone can give some sample that is tested and working.

It works - but it will take some effort to get it working in windows. My advice use linux.