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Does CkHttp support send rate in CkHttpProgress ?

Apr 09 '13 at 08:27

I am having difficulties getting the send rate during a POST operation in CkHttp's SynchronousRequest. I use the overridden ReceiveRate method of CkHttpProgress. The name seem to indicate that it only supports receive rate for the response and not the request itself?

Or should I go about it in a completely different way. I am trying to upload a file and some form data as multipart/form-data.


Here's the new pre-release build (v9.4.1) with the SendRate callback added to CkHttpProgress:




I added the SendRate event to CkHttpProgress. Please let me know the C++ build you need if you wish to test a pre-release. (I need to know the operating system, 32-bit/64-bit, and if Windows, which version of MSVC++)