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socks over ssh tunnel possible?

Jul 17 '12 at 12:24

Hello, is it possible to create a tunnel, forward it to a local port and use it as a socks 5 or http proxy for any browser? something like plink from putty. Thanks

Accepted Answer

I think what you are describing here is called dynamic port forwarding. This feature is already on our "To Do" list. It may become available in a future version. (The version at the time of this writing is v9.3.1)


Yes, the Chilkat SshTunnel class/object supports both HTTP and SOCKS proxies.


i know it supports http and socks proxies to connect to something, but can a ssh tunnel act as a socks on a forwarded local port? so if i put in my browser manual proxy configuration at the socks host can it act as a normal proxy?


Good to know, i can't wait to have this option on my scripts :) You are the best