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Best way to get error message for user

Apr 30 '13 at 03:36

I'm a little perplexed by error handling/reporting with the Chilkat components. All of the LastError... properties contain information that is suitable for the developer, not for the user, though there's a usable error message hidden in there. Is there something I'm missing for getting just the basic error message and/or code?

For example, if ftp2.ChangeRemoteDir fails, the LastErrorXml has the error message "550 The system cannot find the file specified", which I'd like to report. That's wrapped in a tag that's specific to the ChangeRemoteDir method, so in order to parse out the error message I have to work out, for each method I use, what the tag name is going to be that I need to look at in the XML. Is there not some general way to get the information?


To make things easier, a new "LastReply" property has been added to the next version to be released (v9.4.1). This will contain the last control-channel status reply, such as "550 The system cannot find the file specified". Please let me know if you would like a pre-release build. If so, please be very specific about which build: programming language, operating system, architecture, framework, etc.


When will be available v9.4.1 (for php) approximately? I'm waiting for this feature!


It will be also available in Http module? For simple get error messages like "HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden" etc.


Any idea when v9.4.1 will be available? My new app will be wrapped up in the next month or two and I would really like to be able to use the LastReply feature.



Will this property be available for IMAP/POP/SMTP (ActiveX)?

I have just downloaded prerelease and cannot find it for ChilkatEmail2.