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Deleted emails found when searching for UNSEEN emails

Apr 08 '13 at 08:48


I deleted seen emails (via outlook 2010) from a mailserver (exchange 2003). For a certain period of time the deleted emails can still be found by using Imap.Search with parameter "UNSEEN". This problem does not occur on exchange 2010.

Is this a known behaviour on exchange 2003? How can I solve this problem, so that i don't find deleted emails when I search for unseen emails.



The first thing I would do is to verify that in both cases, the SEARCH command sent to the IMAP server is identical. Do this by examining the contents of the SessionLog property after calling the Search method. (Make sure to set the KeepSessionLog property = true beforehand.)

After you've verified that it is indeed a server problem, then you can begin to think about a workaround -- if a workaround is even possible..