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Http request in a non-url encoded format

Apr 09 '13 at 10:08

Is there any way to send a post url request with out having it encoded into a format like but rather something like this s somestreet


No, because this would be in violation of the HTTP protocol.


What you need is actually possible with Chilkat HTTP. I misunderstood the original question. If you are trying to send a GET request where the params are included in the HTTP start line (i.e. NOT in the body of the HTTP request), then I am correct in saying that it's not possible because it's a violation of the HTTP protocol.

However, if the HTTP params are instead provided in the body of the HTTP request, where the Content-Type header is appropriately set to indicate the content's type, then it is possible. I've addressed this issue before. I'm looking for the answer now..


See this: