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NTLM Authentication

Apr 10 '13 at 02:56

We currently use your Chilkat component for email handling etc. and have come across an issue that we would like advice/help with…

We are using the chilkat component to receive mail from a po3 mail box, but are trying to use NTLM authentication… We have read on th chilkat site that we should enable Pop3SPA and set the pop username and password to ‘default’ which we have done…but, we get nothing from the mailbox, only an error which states ‘-ERR Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password’

We have set this up to hard code the username and password, and it works fine..

Our IT department have made sure the mailbox is set for SPA and the user account/mailbox are authorised for delegation and authorization…

anyone had similar issue or know how to resolve this?