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MySQL Aes Decrypt + Delphi

Apr 12 '13 at 08:30


I am having an issue with MySQL AES_DECRYPT, i have no problems to use this method from mysql console directly to the server, and via MySQL workbench, however over ODBC/ADO it just does not work, i think it has something to do with the key size..

however I discovered this chilcat mysql AES decrypt, and want to give it a try, downloaded a trial and changed the demo to match my encrypted string + key but i did only get garbaged string out.. anyoe can help me to make it work ?

here is a small code i tried

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
crypt: HCkCrypt2;
success: Boolean;
password: PWideChar;
hexEncryptedStr: PWideChar;
decryptedStr: PWideChar;

crypt := CkCrypt2_Create();

success := CkCrypt2_UnlockComponent(crypt,'Anything for 30-day trial');
if (success <> True) then

password := ' ***** Click link under for password ***** '; // Link to password under the code
hexEncryptedStr := 'C4E750B566A48A0ABB76E1625CA1B6CF';
decryptedStr := CkCrypt2__mySqlAesDecrypt(crypt,hexEncryptedStr, password);


Password Link


I would recommend first testing with a more simple password. For example, see the test vectors at this example:

Check to see if you can reproduce these results in MySQL workbench.


i tried with mysql a smaller key earlier over ADO, and this works, it seems the key is too long, now i heard i need to make a cipher of this key, but i dont know how to do this, encryption is ery dificult to me, if I only know how to read this as text, all would be fine


update on this one, i had the ciphers wrong, so using keyhex instead and the correct cipher your component works like a charm!

I will ask my project leader to purchase a license


would be nice anyway to know why the long 93 char password did not work tho