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Calling Web Service using SSL w/ Client Certificate?

Apr 11 '13 at 08:51

I need to call a webservice with ssl and need to put a client certificate but didn’t found a sample for it can you help?


Any Chilkat component/class that can communicate over SSL/TLS will contain the following three methods, any one of which can be used to set the SSL/TLS client certificate prior to making the method call that makes the connection. These "standard" Chilkat methods are:

  1. SetSslClientCert
  2. SetSslClientCertPem
  3. SetSslClientCertPfx

See the online reference documentation for more information:

To use SSL/TLS for any Chilkat HTTP method, the application only needs to use "htts://" in the URL instead of "http:/". If the URL is not explicitly passed as an argument, such as for the SynchronousRequest method, then the option for SSL/TLS will be a boolean argument. It's simply a matter of setting it to True to indicate that SSL/TLS is to be used.

The application code required to do anything in HTTP using SSL/TLS (with or without a client-side certificate) is identical to the non-SSL case, except for what I've mentioned above.