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GET Call to the Twitter API using OAuth Authentication?

Apr 17 '13 at 09:48

I’m evaluating your ActiveX library in order to be used to access Twitter API.

I follow your example about how to put a twitter status and works fine, but I have a question:

It’s possible to use your library to make a GET call to the Twitter API using OAuth authentication? An example as how to do that accessing is possible?


The OAuth specific properties of Chilkat.Http (or CkHttp, CkoHttp, etc.) apply to all methods that would send an HTTP request, whether it be a GET, POST, etc.

For example, the following code snippet (C#) can precede any HTTP method call that sends a request:

http.OAuth1 = true;
http.OAuthVerifier = "";
http.OAuthConsumerKey = "my-consumer-key";
http.OAuthConsumerSecret = "my-consumer-secret";
http.OAuthToken = "my-access-token";
http.OAuthTokenSecret = "my-token-secret";