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Silverlight Support?

Apr 19 '13 at 11:27

We are interested one of your products, specifically SSH/SFTP for C# language for possible component library. I was wondering if the library for C# is also compatible for Silverlight support.


The Chilkat .NET assembly is a mixed-mode assembly, meaning that the internal implementation compiles to native code. The outer API layer is managed, but the inner core is unmanaged. Because of this, I don't know if it's yet possible to use the Chilkat .NET assembly with Silverlight.

However, I did find that it's possible to call unmanaged code from a Silverlight 5 trusted application. See this:

The article discusses how to call Windows Platform SDK functions contained in DLLs. It just so happens that Chilkat will be releasing a DLL-based API in the same fashion as how the Windows Platform SDK is provided in DLL form. See this: Chilkat Dynamic Shared Object (DLL) API Pre-Release

In addition, Chilkat will soon be supporting Mono with a 100% managed assembly which internally will call into the Chilkat DSO DLL for its implementation. This would be another potential solution for using Chilkat with Silverlight.