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How to Read Unread Email?

Apr 23 '13 at 15:44

I’m using this Chilkat ActiveX and it works great for me.

Just a question, is there a way to mark an email as already-read, so that next time I will receive only the new ones that’s unread, I don’t want to delete the email, because by now I don’t have another solution only to delete the mail .


It's possible to mark an email as SEEN using the IMAP protocol. In fact, the default action is that when an email is downloaded it will automatically be marked as seen (i.e. already-read). When using Chilkat IMAP, to prevent downloaded emails from being marked as SEEN, set the Imap.PeekMode property = True (or the value 1).

The POP3 protocol does not provide this ability. If POP3 email is left on the server, then POP3 clients must keep track locally of which emails have already been downloaded. See this example: