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CkZip and international characters (UTF)

Apr 29 '13 at 08:26

This function doesn't work because CkZip use "const char" params. If I want to unzip a file with sFileName "c:usersFrançoiseNuñ", CkZip doesn't allow this. And If I convert from wstring to string, international characters are missing. Any ideas?

void UnZip(const std::wstring& sFileName, const std::wstring& sPath) {

    CkZip zip;
    zip.UnlockComponent("my serial");        



There are two solutions:

1) Use the Chilkat Unicode API which uses wchar_t:

2) Pass utf-8 strings to the Chilkat multibyte API: Utf8 C++ property allows for utf-8 or ANSI “const char *” Also, CkString can be helpful. See