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Avast Anti-Virus has False-Positive Update for one or more Chilkat ActiveX DLL's

May 08 '13 at 08:31

Chilkat is receiving many emails from customers today about a new Avast Virus Definition update that incorrectly identifies one or more Chilkat ActiveX DLL's as a virus. If you experience this problem, you should report the false-positive immediately to Avast. The quickest way for something like this to be resolved is for an Anti-Virus vendor to receive many complaints about a false-positive.


Here is a URL for reporting the problem:


Avast customer support phone number: 1 866 951 7679


its chilkatdotnet2.dll for me. File Version Thanks for the link.


Avast seems to have fixed the problem within 24 hours of it appearing. (Many thanks to Avast and all that reported the problem to Avast.)

If there are any remaining problems, please let Chilkat know by posting here, or via email to