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ChilkatMail vs Delphi

May 16 '13 at 17:10

Hi, is EmailActiveX-9.4.0-win32 is compatible with Delphi XE ?

In the installation procedure they talk about .pas files that are not there when I run EmailActiveX-9.4.0-win32.msi ... doc ref is

Thanks to clarified the situation.


It's compatible. You should import the ActiveX component. This is in the Delphi "Component" menu option. Choose "Import Component". Importing a Chilkat ActiveX is no different than importing any other ActiveX.


Hi, I still don't know if version 9.4.0 is compatible with Delphi XE so I use the older version that I have because when I have install/upgrade to this version, I have lost completly my Delphi XE installation that was working since 3 years. Another thing is that the .pas file in not in that package either. It is when I import the activeX that it is created. So I think that the rigth procedure to install and use Chilkat mail is:

In Delphi XE, Component, Import component, Click import ActiveX control, Select Chilkat Mail, Unit dir name: Point to the directory where the DLL mail is : C:Program Files (x86)Chilkat Software IncChilkat Mail ActiveX, Search path is updated automaticly, Click Create unit.

In a Delphi application, add CHILKATMAILLib2_TLB.pas generated by the preceding import. Insert a use CHILKATMAILLib2_TLB in the Unit where you use mail.

VoilĂ .