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Chilkat.Imap Read/Unread Problem of Mails

May 17 '13 at 12:33

Hi sir, We are using ChilkatDotNet2.dll Version are facing problem while reading the mails using EmailBundle.FetchBundle(MessageSet) when we are iterating the bundle headers to get the mails BundleHeader.GetMail(index).we able to read mail successfully.but after reading the mail If the mail is Unread present on the Gmail Server its getting as read so all unraeds mail are seeing as read when we logged to corresponding Gmail account, also When we try to fetch impClient.GetMailFlag(CIlkat.Email,”read”) || impClient.GetMailFlag(CIlkat.Email,”Unread”) it always returns 0. Will you Please provide any solution for this problem ?. Thanks Regards


1) You're using an old version. At least for testing purposes, download and try the latest version.

2) Examine the contents of the LastErrorText. This is virtually always the starting point for getting information to resolve a problem. If you want to understand what transpired during a Chilkat method call, examine the LastErrorText. It doesn't matter if the method call returned a success or failed status, the LastErrorText will have information.