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BCC Email Recipients do not see BCC Information

May 17 '13 at 12:25

I am using CkEmail in an application and adding BCC recipient using AddBCC method. BCC recipient gets the email, but the BCC address is completely hidden and only From and To addresses are visible. Is there a way to make BCC recipient visible using Chilkat? This would help the recipients understand why they are receiving the email.


To understand the cause, first read this very short explanation of SMTP in a Nutshell

The BCC recipients are NOT listed in the MIME of the email. (The TO and CC recipients are found in the MIME header in the "To" and "CC" header fields.) If the BCC recipients were listed in the header, then they would no longer be blind carbon copies, because all recipients would be able to see the BCC addresses. The email addresses available to an email client (such as Outlook) are those contained in the To and CC email header fields.

The BCC recipients are included in the "RCPT TO" commands sent to the SMTP server during the delivery process. This is where the recipients of the email are actually specified. The end-recipient does not have access to the list of email addresses passed to RCPT TO commands.

There is no way to resolve what you are describing. If the BCC information was available in the MIME header fields, it would be available to all recipients. The only solution might be to send the emails one at a time, such that when the recipient is a BCC address, it also gets added to the header as a "To" address. (In other words, you are sending different MIME for BCC recipients as opposed to normal recipients.)