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Can not unzip item >4GB

May 20 '13 at 03:14


I have a zip file created with ChilkatZip2. One item (AES-128, Store) is >4GB. The file can not be unzipped, also with your latest version in the download area!

VB6, Win7, NTFS

It is urgent because this is a backup of a DB that must be restored!

Best regards Fabian


I received your email about it.

1) You created the .zip using a very old version of Chilkat Zip -- one that was from April 2010.

2) Bugs relating to Zip64 have been fixed in years past. It's possible that a bug, which has long since been fixed, and possibly relating to how you were using the component (w/ password-protection or AES encryption), may have caused the problem. It's impossible to say for sure.

3) I'm very sorry for your situation. However, you should always test your backup system to ensure that you can actually restore in case something happens.

4) Your 1-year support expired in April 2011. Even if renewed, it is unlikely that this problem can be resolved.


But the data is stored in this zip file, created with your ActiveX. I think it must be possible to extract it, especially because you know where the problem is. I trusted that at least these basic features as zipping/unzipping are working correctly!

again, please help!

Regards Fabian


Should I upgrade to the latest version? If yes, can I use it with my original key? If no how much does it cost?