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Unpacking an emil

May 25 '13 at 05:07

I am using the Email object in a .NET 4.5 app with the 9.4 version of the Chilkat Library.

When I unpack the email using the code below the files are created as expected:

email.UnpackUseRelPaths = false;
success = email.UnpackHtml(@"C:\Emails", "test.htm", @"C:\Emails\Resources");

If I look at the HTML source the file paths for the images are absolute irrespective of whether I set UnpackUseRelPaths to true or false. I set this just before calling the UnpckHtml method. I cannot find a sample and the documentation does not give any clues. Is there something I am missing/

Also, if the parts folder does not exist the method fails. Is there a way to get the method to create this folder itself, i.e. something else I may have missed?


Check to see if this new build solves the problem:




Thanks for the quick reply and the new DLL. It seems to have worked but I have also found a misunderstanding on my part which may have been the cause of the problem. To illustrate this look at these two lines of code

success = email.UnpackHtml(@"C:\Emails", "test.htm", @"C:\Emails\Resources\");
success = email.UnpackHtml(@"C:\Emails", "test.htm", @"Resources\");

The first line will not create the directories and uses absolute references irrespective of the setting. The second line will both create the directories and use relative paths if set. This is where I probably misunderstood what was needed.