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Can´t use GetFile2 in CkFtp2

May 24 '13 at 03:57


Some time ago I developed an application in which I used Chilkat Bundle (C++). Now I want to upgrade to latest versión of Chilkat bundle (C++). I have download chilkat-9.4.0-x86-vc8. Old version I use was chilkat-9.3.2-x86-vc8. I use in my app FTP Download a File with Progress Monitoring but I see that, in the new version, in CkFtp2.h the function GetFile2 is commented. Why? Is there a new way to do it? How can I upgrade to the new version of Chilkat?

Thanks in advance


I believe progress monitoring in all/most Ck classes is now implemented with the put_EventCallbackObject method.


The release notes for 9.4.0 (see ) say

(backward compatibility, C++ Zip) The standard way of setting an progress monitoring callback object is via the put_EventCallbackObject method. This applies to all Chilkat C++ classes. The event callback object can be set by passing a pointer to the event callback object, or passing a NULL to suppress event callbacks. Previous to v9.4.0, the CkZip class had two versions of many methods: one where the last argument was a “CkZipProgress ”, and the other where it did not exist. The methods having the last argument of “CkZipProgress ” have been dropped. The event callback must be strictly set via the put_EventCallbackObject method.

The release notes look like they are only for CkZip but in reality they apply to all classes/methods that use progress monitoring.


Thank you! I have find a example here. I will work with it.