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Http Request : NewLine & Quote Added automatically ?

May 28 '13 at 08:20

Below is captured using Fiddler :


Accept: application/javascript, /;q=0.8 (no newline and quotes around 0.8)

Referer: hxxxxxxxx


Below is my partial source code to send the above request :

Request.AddHeader("Accept","application/javascript, */*;q=0.8");
Response = Unpack.Http.SynchronousRequest(szDomain,Port,bSsl,Request);


Below is the problem (newline and additional quote appeared) with "Accept" header taken from sessionlog. :

GET /api/uc.php?time=x&code=xxxx HTTP/1.1

Accept: application/javascript, /;

q="0.8" <<---!!! newline and quoted added "0.8" !!

Referer: xxxxx


Please advise what can be done to remove the newline and quotes issue.


Best regards Dragon


This should NOT be the cause of any problem.

HTTP requests and responses are MIME. One of the most very basic and fundamental syntax rules for MIME headers is the ability to continue a MIME header line on the next line. This is a MIME continuation line. When the next header line begins with a SPACE or TAB character, it is a continuation of the previous line, with the leading SPACE/TAB of the continuation line removed. Any MIME parser, and thus any HTTP server SHOULD and MUST correctly parse MIME continuation lines if they are to work at all.