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zip 2 : The compressed (zipped) folder '' is invalid.

Jun 03 '13 at 06:00

hi ( and sorry for my english ),

after using Zip 2 component successfully some months, starting from last week neither windows default zip viewing function, nor WinZIP can open .zip files created by the component.

Windows 7 say : "The compressed (zipped) folder '' is invalid."

WinZIP say : "Error: central directory not found" ( ... and after i press OK button, the next message is "Cannot open file ''. It does not appear to be valid archive." )

the strange thing is that WinRAR extract files normally without any error report !

any help would be appreciated.

Accepted Answer

That's very strange because the Chilkat Zip component has been in existence for over 10 years and I don't see how this very basic functionality can suddenly be broken when it's in use by such an large user base.

Examine the contents of the LastErrorText property after whichever method is called to write the .zip. (The LastErrorText always contains information about what transpired.)

If you still have trouble, please provide some exact information (data and code snippet) so that the problem can be reproduced.