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Why can't I get NuGet packages of Chilkat libraries?

May 31 '13 at 11:33

I know there are "plans" for updating some of the C# libraries, but are there plans to make the Mailman library (or any libraries) available through NuGet? Or if it's available and I missed it, point me in the right direction.


I've been using the ChilKat C# MailMan library for several years, but our team has tripled in the last few months and managing .dll dependencies across machines/projects/repositories has gotten much trickier.

NuGet has been fantastic for this and it's reaching the point where anything we can't pull in that way is too much work to justify. We are rewriting several major products and the current stance from management on external libraries is that if they're not on NuGet, we're finding something that is. I would hate to stop using it over something so simple.